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Reidco Farms

Specializing in Timothy & Alfalfa Hay


Established in 2017, Reidco Farms offers farming solutions including, premium Timothy and Alfalfa hay for sale.

We have invested in the Chinook Hay Drying System. This system offers better air distribution, faster and more even drying, allowing us to increase productivity and maximize quality.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH A VIDEO AND LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHINOOK HAY DRYING SYSTEM.

Additionally, our sheds are fully enclosed with a ventilation system and bales are stored off the ground on tarps and skids to allow for all year round quality.

Before shipping to you we go through an extensive quality control system to make sure only the best is delivered to you. We take pride in our product.

Reidco Farms also aims to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in newer equipment, reducing emissions and being as environmentally responsible as possible. At Reidco Farms the Hay is always greener on our side!

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Top Quality Hay Grown & Produced by Reidco Farms.
Available For Sale & Ships across North America


Local Deliveries in Ontario Minimum of 10 Bundles.

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